About Dr. Sunetra's
PetVet Veterinary Clinic

Dr Sunetra's PetVet Veterinary Clinic is a multi-speciality animal care veterinary clinic located at Borivali (West), Mumbai.
Our focus at our Clinic is more on traditional pets like dogs, cats, reptiles and birds. We love to serve our pet families and strive to take a balanced, pet centered approach that takes your pet's physical and emotional wellness seriously.

Dr Sunetra's PetVet Veterinary Clinic is a full service facility, where all of your pet's needs can be met. We offer standard and advanced medical services like preventative medicine, surgery, animal dental care, anesthesia, orthopaedics, dermatology and internal medicine.

Dr Sunetra's PetVet Veterinary Clinic is managed by Dr. Sunetra Wadke (Rane), who has been practicing veterinary surgery since 2007. She has hands-on experience in handling all kinds of animals including reptiles and birds. Though she has special liking towards reptiles (Herpetology), especially snakes, turtles and tortoises, her sense of belongingness towards every animal species has helped to treat them as best one can, whether it’s a dog, cat, reptile or a birds.  

Dr. Sunetra Wadke (Rane)
B.V.Sc., M.V.Sc., PGDDUS
(Veterinary Physician, Surgeon, Sonologist & Consultant)

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